Don’t take it from us…
Real world examples of how Kryton products solved your concrete waterproofing problems.

A.K. Khar – Civil Engineer

A.K. Khar, is a Civil Engineer in India. He specializes in building well-known hotels. Mr Khar began working with Kryton concrete waterproofing products after extensive research in 1996. He is very pleased with the performance of the Kryton products, as well as the support from the Kryton team.

Satish Kumar – Structural Consultant

With 50 years in the field of construction, Satish Kumar has seen many different concrete waterproofing products fail. His engineering firm has been working with Kryton products for the past 15 years, as the Kryton products have solved many problems his team was faced with, in projects which used concrete waterproofing methods other than Kryton systems.

S.K. Kapoor, EIL Pvt. Ltd.

S.K. Kapoor has worked with many different concrete waterproofing companies through his Structural Engineering career of over 40 years. After working with the Kryton products and Kryton-India team for the past 15 years, he is impressed by the level of service and commitment from the specification stage, to the follow up after the project is complete.

Manoj Didwania

KIM admixture was used to permanently waterproof the concrete during the casting of an overhead tank at a Residential Project at Ahmedabad, India. Contractor Manoj Didwania is also thankful to Kryton’s thorough support documents, which helped him perform a sucessful application.