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Krystol Internal Membrane™ (KIM®)


Krystol Internal Membrane or KIM is an integral crystalline concrete waterproofing admixture; and a PRAH (Permeability Reducing Admixture – Hydrostatic Conditions). When combined with water, KIM’s proprietary chemicals react to form millions of needle-like crystals. These crystals grow and fill the capillary pores and micro-cracks in the concrete, blocking the flow of water. As time passes and stresses form new cracks, any incoming moisture causes the crystals to reactivate – ensuring continuous waterproofing over the years.

KIM is simply added to the concrete during mixing at the plant or on-site. Once mixed, it becomes an integral part of the concrete and no extra labour is required for handling or usage. It is compatible with most superplasticizers.

Available in 20 kg bags and 25 kg pails

Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) Technical Data Sheet



IMG_2258_webKrystol T1®

Krystol T1 is a surface applied system that can be used as a single coat or as part of a double coating system. It can be applied with brush or spray and is also used as dry shake on new or existing concrete.
Krystol T1 is effective on the positive side as a single coating and the negative side in combination with T2. It seeps into the concrete through micro-cracks making the entire concrete a waterproof barrier

Krystol T1 Technical Data Sheet



IMG_2258_webKrystol T2®

Krystol T2 is a surface applied system. It can be applied with brush or can be sprayed on new or existing concrete. Effective on the positive side as a single coat and on the negative side as a double coating system along with Krystol T1, it seeps into the concrete and works from within.

Krystol T2 Technical Data Sheet



Krystol Plug™

Krystol Plug is a powder that when mixed with water, can be used to immediately stop water flow through concrete cracks. It is easy to mix and apply and has exceptional strength. Just like all the products by Kryton Plug is safe to use with potable water

Krystol Plug Technical Data Sheet



IMG_2258_webKrystol Mortar Admixture™ (KMA)

Krystol Mortar Admixture (KMA) reduces both permeability and absorption and lowers up front building costs compared to surface applied sealers. It is easy to apply and saves costs with reduction in rebound loss and surface preparation. Ideal for use in mortar for cladding, tiles etc.

Krystol Mortar Admixture Technical Data Sheet



Krystol Bari-Cote™

Krystol Bari-Cote is a fast-setting waterproof grout. Specified for use in construction joint Krystol Bari-Cote is used to repair holes and cracks in combination with T1. It has high early strength, super bonding ability and can withstand high hydrostatic pressure.

Krystol Bari-Cote Technical Data Sheet




Roof-Gardi is a thermosetting plastic elastomer, synthetic based waterproof membrane. Because of its excellent flexibility and thixotropic nature it is ideal for use on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces. An economical, easy to apply and pollution free water proof coating works best on terraces, terrace gardens podiums etc. This coating is provided in base white and can be pigmented to desired colour.

Roof-Gardi Technical Data Sheet




Wall-Gardi is a weatherproof, elastomeric coating designed to protect and renew exterior stucco, concrete and masonry walls. It is specially formulated and is a pure acrylic material with excellent elongation and recovery characteristics. Its high solids content gives Wall-Gardi exceptional binding power as well as minimal shrinkage and bridges hairline cracks. Wall-Gardi is waterproof but still breathes, giving long lasting protection that will not crack, blister or peel.

Wall-Gardi Technical Data Sheet


Krystol Broadcast™

Krystol Broadcast is a dry shake crystalline waterproofing treatment that transforms new flatwork concrete into a permanent waterproofing barrier.

Krystol Broadcast is troweled in during the final finishing to become an integral part of the concrete that replaces the need for conventional membrane waterproofing systems. Krystol Broadcast features a unique fugitive dye to ensure uniform distribution and produces a smooth finish suitable for non-air entrained slabs.

Kystol Broadcast™ Technical Data Sheet


Krystol Waterstop Grout™

Krystol Waterstop Grout is a crystalline grout used to create an internal or external waterstop at construction joints, pipe penetrations, tie-holes and control joints.

Krystol Waterstop Grout contains fiber reinforcements that reduce shrinkage and limit cracking. It is typically used in conjunction with Krystol Waterstop Treatment™ as part of the Krystol Waterstop System.

Waterstop Grout™ Technical Data Sheet



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